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Interested in cricket! Get all the updates delivered to your phone using blazing fast Vodafone internet. But first be ready to be amazed by the Vodafone Zoo Zoo ads. They will make you laugh till your core.

This video contains following ads –

1. Vodafone ad for Cricket alerts- Zoo Zoo head cracking and falling
One of the first ads in the Zoo Zoo series by Vodafone. Earlier ads of a series always tend to be nicer as it is something new and fresh. In this ad a group of them are watching cricket while sitting on the stadium wall. All of sudden a well played shot from batsman comes and hits one of the zoo zoo. His head cracks open and a shameless fellow from the group starts laughing at him. While he is at it another ball hits him and he falls off the boundary. All ZooZoos start rolling on the floor laughing.

2. TV
Men will do what they always do; busy watching the favourite sports while the wife is frowning. Eh! What’s that? Sounds familiar. In this ad the zu zu is busy watching his favourite sport on the TV. His wife barges in and starts breaking stuff in anger. The zoo zoo does not realise this until she finally breaks the television set.

3. Rooftop
How many of you have climbed up a tall building or a tree to watch a cricket match live? Well these three Zoo Zoos sure did. But they brought just one pair of binoculars. So each one wants to see the match and they snatch it from each other rather than sharing it in turns. While snatching it slips from one of the zoo zoos hand and falls to the ground. Smash! Guess who will be watching the match tonight.

4. IPL Cricket Commentary – Zoo Zoos listening together
Ah! Good old days when television was nothing but rare. I remember visit to my grandparents during summer vacations in village (country side). The only mode of entertainment there was a radio. We used to watch (listen) cricket like crazy there. Enjoying each ball delivered. In this ad a Zoo Zoo is seen walking down the street listening to cricket commentary. Soon other Ju Ju join him. You need to see it to get the fun.

5. Zoo Zoo 2014 predictions
The super fan ad. On hearing the door bell ring the Zoo Zoo opens door to find Zumi Zumi waiting for him. Then follows red carpet and flight to the cricket stadium. Where he is treated like a king. The cricketers are of course speech less to see this.

6. Vodafone contest – Be the star of the match
This ad looks like continuation of ad 5. The fan is interviewed by media ignoring the fact that players are waiting on the pitch. Fan becomes star of the match I must say.

7. Vodafone IPL contest – Be the star of the match
Another possible continuation of the ad 5. The fan is carried by 4 other zoo zoos across the stadium. The players as usual are speech less.

8. 1 million Zoo Zoo fans on facebook
No comments here. A tribal, a fan of cricket. How is this even possible. Telepathy must be. Anyhow in this ad a tribal trying to hunt for food is caught by other people and carried to the stadium with full bells and whistles.

9. Magic Trick
In this ad magician ju ju is trying to pull up his trick and locks someone from the audience in box. Just then a band of ju ju arrives picks up the box and takes him away. The magician is left confused what just happened.


This ad is in language that we don’t understand hence no transcript.

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